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Since the establishment in 1964, as the manufacturer of the rotary joints, we, The Nippon Joint, Ltd., have made further contribution to the increased productive efficiency in various industries; Paper and Pulp, Corrugating, Textile, Rubber, Plastic, Steel, Chemicals, Printing, Foods, and etc, having Technical Assistance Agreement with Kadant Johnson Inc. in U.S.A. Especially, since oil crisis, our products come to the front for saving energy and materials. And then the products of The Nippon Joint, Ltd. are universal, so they are highly evaluated based on their convenience, combined with the improved technologies and quality.

We have been trying to improve the level of technologies and to develop new products with "better products at more reasonable price with expedite supply" as a motto, having widened our appeal from domestic to overseas.

The Nippon Joint, Ltd.
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