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TECO Automatic Freeness Measuring System DRAINAC FX


  • Freeness is indicated in POD by micro sequencer control (DC4 - 20mA for DRAINAC III)
  • Short measuring time (20 - 40 seconds)
  • Little affect from process line by correcting consistency, temperature and differential pressure. (correcting temperature and differential pressure for DRAINAC III)
  • Simple design without moving parts provides easy maintenance.
  • In-line and on-line installations available
  • Easy installation and lower cost

Freeness Control System

DFC Delta Freeness Control (Patented)


After controlling by DFC
300 cc:± 8cc 370 cc:±5 cc
Before controlling by DFC
300 cc:±50 cc
  • Pulp: recycled corrugated paper board
  • Freeness at inlet: 400 - 500 cc
  • Freeness at outlet: 300 - 400 cc
  • Measuring range: 250 - 500 cc
  • Refiner: 20" Double-disk Refiner (Manual hydraulic clearance control)
  • Refiner motor load: - 200 KW

Freeness Indicator Measuring Process

  1. Starting

    Pressure inside detector tube is a little higher than that of stock line.

  2. Sampling

    Pressure inside detector tube decreases a little than that of stock line. Stock rising to screen creates pulp pad. Only filtrate enters detector tube.

  3. Measuring

    2 pieces of thermister inside detector tube, which detects the level of filtrate, measures time for filtrate rising from bottom to top.

  4. Blow-down

    After reaching top of thermister, filtrate returns to stock line according to higher pressure inside detector tube than that of stock line.

  5. Cleaning

    Detector tube and Screen are cleaned automatically when discharging for the next sampling.

TypeControlDFC (Delta Freeness Control)
DRAINAC FX (Digital)
DetectorIn-line Type (Standard, Low-Pressure, Non-Pressure)
Open Type (Non-Pressure)
Processing ElementsStock VelocityAbove 3% of Consistency 0.3 - 1.2m/sec
Below 3% of Consistency 0.3 - 2.1m/sec
Stock-line PressureStandard: 0.07 - 0.4MPa
Low Pressure: 0 - 0.1MPa
Non-Pressure: 0 MPa
Stock ConsistencyWithin ± 10% of Nominal Consistency
Nominal Consistency: 0.5 - 6.0%
Stock TemperatureBelow 75°C(Within ± 15°C)
FreenessMeasuring Range: 0 - 800 cc C.S.F.
Min. Span: 100 cc C.S.F.(400 - 500 cc C.S.F.)
Max. Span: 300 cc C.S.F.(100 - 400 cc C.S.F.)
Stock-line Pipe Diameter3" -
Operating ConditionsPower AC100V/110V 50/60Hz Single-phase
Air PressureMax. 0.7MPa(Min. Stock-line Pressure + 0.1MPa - )
Water PressureMax. 0.6MPa(Min. Stock-line Pressure + 0.2MPa - )
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