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Research & Development

Our Rotary Joints as the leading product are the rotating joints to transfer media (steam, water, air, etc.) from a stationary source into a rotating part of machinery, so it is required to supply media without any leakage.
Customer's operating conditions such as speed, temperature, pressure, etc. should be checked when having an offer or a consult on rotary joint. This is the first step for us. It is our technical know-how to select the optimum rotary joint for the customer's operating conditions. It sometimes happens that we develop a new typed rotary joint for customer's special operating conditions. Ultimately, it would not be too much to say that most of our rotary joints might be custom-made in accordance with customer's use.

Joco Test Dryer

So we always try to offer the best products based on enough research, development and tests on the materials used for rotary joints with Kadant Johnson as our business partner.

Kadant Johnson, with whom we have established an agreement for technological transfer and exchange, has focused on research and development on "sealing" that is the most important key to transfer various media from stationary source into a rotating part without leakage, using the latest equipments for innovation of developed mechanical seal and the most applicable materials in order to supply the best products as usual. In addition, Kadant Johnson has the testing equipments applied for various industries to conduct tests on the products under the operating conditions of each industry. Especially for paper manufacturing industries, Kadant Johnson could conduct tests on our products under the customer's required operating conditions at their R & D center, using the test paper dryer that has been used for papermaking machines in the field, and have utilized the most advanced equipment that could display condensate behavior inside the dryer on video.

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