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LB-PT Rotary Joints

The LB-PT rotary joint is commonly applied for steam service, and is used to upgrade existing L-J and S typed Rotary joints installations. The design of balanced seal impregnated with antimony for LB-PT could provide longer operating life and compensate angular misalignment. The PT design could reduce seal loading and then increase seal life at higher speeds. Seal ring wear indicator could help operators to see when they should replace seal ring. The LB-PT rotary joint is rated up to 232°C, 1.5MPa and 400rpm.


  • Balanced seal design with AI seal technology
  • External rod-supported, locked in place
  • Seal wear indicator
  • Retrofit type LJ-PT joints
  • Adjustable syphon clearance option


  • Minimized seal loading and seal wear
  • Increased reliability at higher speeds
  • On-machine measurement of seal wear
  • No piping modifications, easy upgrade
  • Repeatable syphon clearance adjustment


Max. PressureMax. TemperatureMax. Speed

With Syphon Clearance Adjuster (ADJ)

2500LBZ1-PT2"1 1/2"3/4"1/2", 3/4"48571303848115183164240
2500LBZ2-PT1 1/2"1 1/4"3/4"1/2", 3/4"48451303745115177159221
2500LBZ1-PT-ADJ2"1 1/2"3/4"1/2", 3/4"48571303848115206189264
2500LBZ2-PT-ADJ1 1/2"1 1/4"3/4"1/2", 3/4"48451303745115200184245
Note: Dimensions are subject to change without any advanced notice.
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