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LJ-PT™ Rotary Joints

The LJ-PT rotary joint is designed for steam service and is commonly used to upgrade LJ rotary joint installations. The LJ-PT uses a balanced seal impregnated with antimony to provide longer operating life and compensate angular misalignment. The PT design provides reduced seal loading and increased seal life at higher speeds. The full-flow design reduces pressure-drop through the steam joint and no special tools are required for installation. The LJ-PT is rated up to 450° F (232° C), 225 psig (15 bar), and 400 RPM.


  • Balanced seal design with AI technology
  • External rod-supported, locked in place
  • Seal wear indicator
  • Full-flow design
  • Flexibility in mounting
  • Retrofit type LJ Joints


  • Minimized seal loading and seal wear
  • Increased reliability at higher speeds
  • On-machine measurement of seal wear
  • Reduced pressure drop through joint
  • No special installation tools required
  • No piping modifications, easy upgrade


Max. PressureMax. TemperatureMax. Speed
2500LJA-PT1 - 1/2"1 - 1/4"3/4"3/4"487015513732116243280
*Dimensions are subject to change without any advanced notice.
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