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EL-IC Rotary Joints and ECM Stationary Syphons

EL-IC Rotary Joints and ECM Stationary Syphons are developed for open gear paper machines operating at high speeds, and could provide stable dryer performance for extended period.
They could improve insufficient condensate removal and moisture profile for manufacturing of a wide variety of products in small quantities.


Max. PressureMax. TemperatureMax. Machine Speed


  • Balanced Seal Technology and double-guide support for extended operating life
  • Differential pressure: about 0.02 MPa allows for the removal of condensate regardless of any machine speed.
  • Saving steam consumption by keeping blow through steam to 12 % or less
  • Reduced condensing load and cooling water derived by reduced blow through steam
  • Increasing speed by added Turbulator Bars
TypeRotary JointStationary Syphon
2700ELS-JARPQ4-IC1 - 1/4" x 1 - 1/4" ECM
2750ELS-AFYSRQ-IC1 - 1/2" x 1 - 1/2" ECM

These series have the internal special carbon bushing for supporting syphon. We recommend annual check for maintenance for long running with stable condition. Please feel free to contact us (Sales Dept. of The Nippon Joint, Ltd.), if you need more information.

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