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Syphon Support System

Stationary Syphon Support System could be mounted to all of standard Kadant Johnson Stationary Syphon System. As for the traditional Cantilever Stationary Syphon, the end of syphon pipe tends to deviate and/or hang over due to the drag of force of the rotating condensate, pipe deflection and wearing bushing for rotary joints. Special carbon graphite bushing for pipe provided inside the cylinder could reduce deviation and deflection, and also could make syphon pick-up shoe more close to cylinder shell. In result, both dry efficiency and improved moisture profile could be expected.

Applied Syphon Size: 1/4" - 1"


  • Reduced maintenance of syphon
  • Prevent syphon from boring and breaking
  • High temperature profile for cross machine direction
  • Improved dry efficiency
  • Reduced drive load
Appropriate and effective syphon selection
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