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Pivot Body™ Syphon

The Pivot Body syphon elbow allows a syphon pipe to be inserted into a dryer through the dryer journal, without the need for a hand hole or manhole. Unlike conventional syphon elbows, the Pivot Body syphon elbow does not rely on a hinge pin to hold vertical and horizontal bodies together. Its unique pinless design provides improved performance, increased reliability, and easier installation.



The Kadant Johnson Pivot Body syphon elbow design consists of three major parts: horizontal body, pivot body, and standard EPR O-ring. Both body components are made of stainless steel. There are three sizes available:

Vertical LegHorizontal Leg
Rc 3/8"Rc 1/2"
Rc 1/2"Rc 3/4"
Rc 3/4"Rc 1"

Note that the horizontal pipe and vertical pipe are not the same size. The vertical pipe is one pipe size smaller. The smaller vertical leg limits blow-through steam and reduces the cantilevered weight of the syphon assembly. In turn, this reduces the stress on the pipe threads securing the horizontal pipe into the head of the rotary joint.

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