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Rotary Sypohn

Kadant Johnson rotary syphons are fixed to the inside of the cylinder by applying tension to spring and rotate with the cylinder. Because the rotary syphon moves with the rotating cylinder, it can be placed closer to the cylinder shell. In result, improved heat transfer, reduced drive load and corrected moisture profile are expected, reducing the level of condensate inside the cylinder.

Applied syphon size: 1/2" - 1 1/4"

For syphon sizing, proper syphon size is determined based on steam pressure, condensing rate and differential pressure.
We could recommend the optimum syphon selection upon receipt of the required information from you.


  • Provided excellent removing condensate from cylinder
  • Higher temperature profile for cross machine direction
  • Reduced the level of condensate inside the cylinder
  • Reduced drive load
  • Reduced maintenance
Appropriate and effective syphon selection
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