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Sypohn Elbow

Kadant Johnson syphon elbow allows the condensate inside the cylinder to remove, dropping down to the bottom of the cylinder at the angle of 60 degrees from the hinge by rotating 180 degrees around in the operating position (Syphon Elbow is as straight as a line when being inserted.), and sealing valve under the syphon pipe's own weight. This syphon elbow allows very easy installation and more cost efficiency. It is recommended for the equipment with relatively lower-speed cylinders below rimming speed.

1/4"φ2232Rc 1/4"Rc 1/4"
3/8"φ3035Rc 3/8"Rc 3/8"
1/2"φ3035Rc 1/2"Rc 1/2"
3/4"φ37.742Rc 3/4"Rc 3/4"
1"φ4042Rc 1"Rc 1"

Note: Dimensions are subject to change without any advanced notice.

Spring-Lock Syphon Elbow

Increase the life of an existing Kadant Johnson syphon elbow by upgrading to the spring-lock syphon elbow. This simple, inexpensive upgrade installs quickly and easily using your existing joint and syphon pipes. The corrosion-resistant materials and increased robustness of the syphon elbow assembly improves syphon performance and reduces maintenance downtime.

The spring-lock elbows are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery.

Elbow SizeCollar DiameterMinimum Journal I.D.
Rc 1/2"48mm50mm
Rc 3/4"58mm60mm

Spring-Lock Design

Kadant Johnson spring-locking elbows consist of the standard gravity-lock elbow and a spring-lock assembly. The spring-lock assembly consists of five parts:
(2) Pipe collars, stainless steel (identical parts)
(2) Collar straps (identical parts)
(1) Locking spring, stainless steel

Features of the Kadant Johnson spring-lock system:

Appropriate and effective syphon selection
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